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The Issue

Child sexual abuse (CSA) is a crime that is committed behind closed doors without witnesses and remains in the dark because children typically are unable to speak about their abuse. This inability to come forward frequently continues into adulthood. Regrettably, close to 90% of cases go unreported. Thus, despite its epidemic proportions in this country – at least 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 5 boys likely to be abused before age 18 – CSA remains in the shadows, hidden from the wheels of our justice system.

The legal system itself must share responsibility for such tragic underreporting. As presently constituted, the legal process constructs unfair barriers for survivors to overcome to achieve justice against their abusers. Unjust laws– including arbitrary statutes of limitations(SOL’s) that effectively bar 60%-70% of survivors’ cases from even being filed, erratic police/prosecution practices, and a court system weighted in favor of perpetrators combine to make it extremely difficult for survivors to successfully assert their legal rights and far too easy for perpetrators to walk free and continue to abuse other children.
But winds of change are stirring. There is a growing movement to change the justice’s system fundamental approach to survivors’ cases. Reformers in a number of states have either eliminated SOL’s or expanded the filing deadlines substantially. Activists are shining the light on the need to transform the handling of survivors’ cases by police, prosecutors, and courts so that justice can become a reality for survivors.

The Film Makers

(Executive Producer/Co-Producer)

is the founder and CEO of the Vertigo Charitable Foundation, LLC (“VCF”), whose mission is to help reform the legal system’s responses to survivor cases. She conceived of the film project and was directly involved in every aspect of the filmmaking, including research, selection and interviewing of featured subjects and experts, film shoots, editing, and post-production. She has participated in film forums and discussion panels to address the need for education and training to improve the quality of justice for survivors.

is an award-winning documentary and television producer/director and is the founder of Big Voice Pictures. Her work focuses on diverse social issues and her independent films have been funded by leading foundations and distributed internationally. She is the producer/director of two widely-acclaimed documentaries about surviving child sexual abuse, The Healing Years and Boys and Men Healing.

is VCF’s legal counsel. He is an experienced litigator and legal writer, who previously taught both trial and appellate advocacy as an adjunct professor at a number of D.C. area law schools. His filmmaking responsibilities included legal research, writing, interviewing and preparation of featured legal experts, assisting at film shoots, and editing. He writes a blog for VCF’s website about matters relating to the legal rights of adult survivors and is a member of the National Crime Victims Bar Association and the National Alliance of Victims’ Rights Attorneys.

is a documentary producer/director whose work has focused on the trauma suffered by childhood abuse survivors. Her previous films, Behind Closed Doors: Trauma Survivors and the Psychiatric System and the award-winning Healing Neen, exposed the lack of, and desperate need for, effective trauma treatment of survivors. She is currently directing and producing Walking Thru Bullets, which follows young victims of violence trying to heal their physical and emotional wounds through an innovative trauma program. In addition to her filmmaking, she is a civil rights attorney at the Maryland Disability Law Center in Baltimore, MD. .

Featured Subjects


John Chapman

John Chapman...


Randy Ellison

Consultant, speaker, writer and author o...

Karinah Guzman

Karinah Guzman

is a survivor and activist. After eleven...


Mark Lustig

MARK LUSTIG is a survivor and activist....


Lauren Book

LAUREN BOOK is an adult survivor of chil...


Ronald Book

Ronald Book is an attorney/activist who...

Featured Experts


William Hodgman

While serving in different trial assignm...


Wendy Murphy

A nationally recognized expert on child...


Terry Holderness

Terry Holderness has been a police offic...


Shari Karney

Shari Karney is a leading legal advocate...


R. Seth Williams

R. SETH WILLIAMS is the District Attorne...


Michael Dolce

MICHAEL DOLCE is a nationally recognized...


Judge John A. Frusciante

Judge John A.Frusciante has served in ev...


Daniel Brown, Ph.D.

Director, Center for Integrative Psychot...


Christine A. Courtois, Ph.D.

Dr. Courtois is a psychologist in privat...


Carrie Hull

Carrie Hull currently works at the Ashla...

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